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Isn’t it time that your
Marketing Tees Off?

Any FOUR, Any DAY,
EVERYDAY, No Restrictions

At Golf Hunter, we custom design corporate golf memberships that offer terrific value, a comfortable price point and over 500 unique holes to play. More importantly, we have designed a brilliant method of providing your business with new customers, less expense and a positive bottom line. We provide a freedom to connect your love of golf with the inherent need to drive business. Now offering over 25 courses in Ontario as part of this unique membership. ONE amazing membership that creates opportunities wherever your business takes you. Why restrict yourself to one course? One location? Same 18? One option? Differentiate your business today, with a Golf Hunter Corporate Membership.

Your Clients Need A Break.
Your Staff Need To Feel Appreciated.

Go Ahead, Send Them Golfing.

This sounds good but you don’t need a corporate membership to send people golfing. Just buy a pass online... or a gift card.... Right? Sure you could do that. But you wouldn’t be able to deduct it on your taxes. You wouldn’t be able to send them when it is convenient to them. You wouldn’t be able to track the results of their experience, and you would end up spending a whole heck of a lot more on greens fees. A lot more.

Because we are a Marketing / Customer retention and rewards company - our services are Tax Deductible.

Because our memberships allow ANY FOURSOME, ANY DAY - we are flexible so that your business and clients can be to.

Because we offer Custom programs based on the needs of your business and those of your clients - we offer the highest return on investment that a marketing rewards company can make.


in Ontario

Why restrict yourself to one course?
One location? Same 18? One option?


OK so lets face it.
Saying "Nice to meet you" is good.
Saying "Thank You" Is Better.

It is time that your marketing actually involves your Prospects and your Loyal Clients. It is time that your marketing Tracks your results and your return. It is time that you make those sales that have been sitting on the fence, and time that you get more referrals that have been sitting in the minds of your current customers. Stop wasting your time online, and get out on course, Everyday.

Your Golf Membership
Ends in October.
(if you are lucky)

Go Ahead, Send Them Skiing.

Have them sipping hot chocolate. Enjoying the snowflakes falling on the outdoor fire. Have them flying down the slops, Or enjoying a getaway with their family. Why should your marketing rewards program end when the snow flies? We are Canadian. We can actually look forward to these eight months. That is eight months of great returns. Eight months of growing your business that your Golf course membership Can’t offer. But we can.

Your Business On Course Every Day