A Pas­sive Way to More Refer­rals with Golf


As a for­mer advi­sor, I can’t remem­ber a time when I did not feel awk­ward about solic­it­ing clients to make refer­rals. I found its eas­ier if you do some­thing, some­thing valu­able and sur­pris­ing, that causes them to say “Wow!” so they talk about you when­ever the invest­ment topic came up with their associates/friends.

You have to do out-of-the-ordinary things for your clients at var­i­ous times of the year to let them know how impor­tant they are to you. We do it for our loved ones all the time, so why not for clients?

Idea: In the sum­mer, activ­ity in our indus­try tends to slow down. So what can you do to keep your refer­ral fun­nel going?

What if you could offer clients a four­some (theirs, not yours) when­ever you like, so they can play golf, with­out feel­ing like you have to be there? No golf club mem­ber­ship required, and no addi­tional greens fees.

The other day, I was talk­ing to Golf Hunter’s (Golf Hunter, Inc.) Founder and CEO, Sean Manias, whose com­pany (now in its 5th sea­son) pro­vides an intel­li­gently crafted cor­po­rate golf mem­ber­ship boast­ing a fully trans­fer­able four­some of golf to over 25 courses in Ontario.

It’s a pretty sim­ple offer­ing — you get about $60,000 (one tee time every day for the entire sea­son!) of golf for a frac­tion of the price. You pick a home course where 75% of games will be played and you’re pro­vided cer­tifi­cates for the remain­ing 25% non-home courses.

Also, the mem­ber­ship can be split any way you like, e.g. you can split a mem­ber­ship between 4 advi­sors (about $3,000 each); that would pro­vide each advi­sor with roughly 7 foursomes/tee times each month.

In the midst of our con­ver­sa­tion, I real­ized that this could be a smart way to reward your clients, get their valu­able pub­lic­ity and gen­er­ate good­will for you. Real good­will. By the way, you can also use it to reward your team, and even your branch manager.

Take it or leave it. It could be a pretty nifty way to give a lot for a little.
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